Project implementation phases

The essential goal of this project is to build and develop a network of competent bodies and intermediary organizations which provides expertise, information, new cultivation technologies and support to farmers and companies. The reciprocal and collaborative nature of the knowledge transfer is ultimately supported and complimented by the three mobilities planned in the project, ensuring both the project’s immediate objectives and long-term goals and sustainability. All training workshops (mobilities) offer high added value to the partnership since apart their main objectives (delivery, feedback, dissemination), transfer of knowledge will take place in several dimensions.

Work packages

Project duration is 3 years (36 months)

Partners involved in the project


The Project will be managed with the following structure: a) The Project Coordinator (PC) will chair the Steering Committee, b) the Steering Committee (SC) will be comprised from the PC and all WP Leaders as members. The role of SC is related to the strategic and operating decisions for the project as a whole.


The methodology to achieve the objectives of the project will be based on 9 WPs, 1 for Preparation, 3 for Implementation and 1 each for Management, Quality assurance, Project evaluation and Dissemination and Exploitation. An overview scheme of the project is presented below